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Standstill is regression.

Based on your strategy and competitive advantages opportunities need to be continuously identified assessed and implemented flawlessly. These opportunities can be aimed at increasing sales, top line growth or reducing cost, bottom line growth.


I can help you identify the few projects that will have the most impact  on your business and ensure they get done!


Top line growth:

  • Identify and approach new customers with real potential

  • Set up operations in a new market

  • Identify and implement win-win partnerships

  • Identify and implement other multipliers depending on product and market

  • Assess and support acquisition processes


Bottom line growth:

  • Operational reorganisation

  • Study and manage production capacity increase

  • Assess and improve your supply chain efficiency and security

  • Create sourcing synergies

  • Identify sourcing alternatives

  • Assess suppliers capabilities

  • Implement efficient procurement processes

  • Set up and manage complete outsourcing process

build your business:

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