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Sustainability is a vast topic and it needs to be understood in a holistic way combining 3 aspects:
environmental, social and economical.


Although the goal is clear in terms of balance it is not easy to achieve rapidly. All respected companies manage their economical impact and sustainability in great detail but barely do the legal minimum on the environmental and social aspects.


The legal and regulatory frameworks are constantly changing but, more importantly, public and customer expectations are generally far beyond the current practices.


It is also widely accepted that efficient management of social and environmental impacts is a critical factor to long term success as well as being a key differentiator and a competitive advantage from day one.


I can help you identify the 3 to 5 sectors that have the highest risk and most impact on your business and ensure they are managed and improved.


Sustainability Management:

  • Help define your sustainability agenda

  • Choose and define key sustainability indicators

  • Develop your sustainability master plan for 5 to 10 years

  • Develop your sustainability action plan for 1 to 3 years

  • Define and implement good practices (sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, environmental, etc)


Sustainability reporting tools and software:

Once your sustainability master plan is defined we can identify the best suited way to gather and analyse the data. Of course there are a vast array of sustainability software with various degrees of customization possible. A comprehensive sustainability tool should cover the following:

  • Environmental: energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity

  • Social: employee, stakeholders, media, health and safety

  • Supply chain: raw material and packaging usage and sustainability

  • Compliance: with national, international and industry standards

  • Product: life cycle assessment, labelling, risk mitigation

Specifically we can:

  • Review and suggest best suited tool

  • Define customization

  • Manage the content

  • Ensure smooth implementation and training

  • Also deliver a turnkey solution


Specific expertise:


  • Real-time energy management system

  • Reduce your energy consumption starting immediately

  • Improve your energy efficiency


Environment Health and Safety:

  • Define and implement your EHS management system 

integrate sustainability:

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